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Melanie Rose

Based in Winchester, Melanie Rose's paintings have two discinct qualities. Firstly they are a celebration of the concept of nature, and secondly flat, artificial representations with an architectural quality. Melanie's work is developed through layers of imagery using emulsion paint, incorporating fabric/wallpaper patterns and studies of flowers into the composition. Where the pattern and illustration are of the same flower, one image can be read as botanical and therefore 'real', whereas the other image is merely pattern. It is the context in which the images are read that determines the viewers understanding. The titles are also an important element of Melanie's work, where the botanical name of the plant is combined with the name of the manufacturer, designer or pattern name. Melanie graduated in Fine Art in Nottingham, and went on to gain an MA in Fine Art Painting at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London. Her work has featured in several exhibitions and private collections across the UK.