Stephen Millership

After studying Art at Derby Lonsdale, Stephen Millership has worked as a market visualiser, concept artist, storyboard illustrator, freelance illustrator - and a computer games artist. Despite his diverse activities, Stephen decided to return to painting, drawing on the skills he had gained through his other ventures to create a 'perfect style'. Combining speed with economy of colour and intense observation, he was drawn to using acrylic paints. Stephen comments; 'I found the observational skills I attained in the early days of computer games of great benefit. At that time, I worked with a palette of 16 or 32 colours, which concentrates the mind on searching for exactly the right colour, hue or tonal value'. Sea and sky are a constant source of inspiration and subject matter in Stephen's work. He reduces elements from his direct observations, recollections and photographic images to their simplest form, dividing the sky, sand and sea within the picture plane in a hard-edged Modernist style which emphasises colour and depth.