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  • BBC

The Brief

The Dressing Rooms, Green Rooms and Superstar Suites at Television centre are viewed with affection by many of the showbiz legends who have used them over the years but were long overdue for a facelift.

The Solution

GA Design created a glamorous interior which was at the same time stylish, timeless and practical.

The artwork was abstract digital photography which in some rooms covered the entire wall, mounted onto panels with the surface laminated in case of over enthusiastic rock bands!

Elsewhere Indigo produced prints on backlit film to form full height panels six metres wide and some artwork was printed onto canvas and wrapped round deep box panels. We also applied artwork to the inside of glass cubes which served as funky looking tables.

The Overview

The staff at the BBC are justifiably proud of their new look rooms which have been well received by the stars who have used them.