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The Kings Head, Beccles

The Brief

To design an artwork package that depicts this ancient towns rich cultural heritage.

From it's famous residents, past events and industrial history - the artwork needed to tell the story.

The Solution

Worked with local school on an artwork project to produce the artworks for the bedrooms. The children produced artworks depicting famous landmarks in and around the town.

Designed large graphics depicting the Beccles Feast - which used to be an all weekend party held at the Kings Head. These can be found on roof lights and windows.

Worked with artists to produce original paintings and sculpture showcasing the towns clock making and printing industry past.

Negotiated with the local church to put on display a 600 year old clock mechanism - which can be found in the hotel reception.

Reproduced and framed historic posters on display at the local museum.

The Overview

When you visit this pub you are in for a cultural treat. What you find on the inside of this historic building is not what you would expect - bright colours, contemporary features - and an artwork package that tickles the senses.

This project was 6 months in the making - but seeing the end result - was worth all the effort! Thanks to all those involved.