Ethical & Sustainable Business
A commitment to a better future

As a company we think it is important to manage our business ethically and sustainably, making choices and taking actions that support a better future for our stakeholders, customers and the environment we exist in.

The materials and resources we purchase, the products we make and the way we conduct our business all have an impact on others, both in the immediate term, and in the future. Our aim is to create an environment that benefits all our stakeholders and is a business that is a positive addition to the wider community and future generations.

We have highlighted four areas that we choose to focus on, to maintain, and improve on; these are set out in our  (CSER) Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy:


  • Sustainable Procurement
  • The Environment
  • Responsibilities to our Stakeholders / labour and human rights
  • Ethical Standards


We have areas where we are great, but we are working step by step to improve in all areas, both how we work and to ensure that we make decisions that minimise any negative impact (either current or future) on stakeholders, customers and the environment.  All of our products are available with eco credentials, and our products designed and created in house by our team are designed for disassembly.

Our account managers would be delighted to help your project progress with sustainability as a key design criteria. Please message or discuss with our account managers for more information.