Horse and Guardsman, Whitehall
A traditional wood-panelled London pub

The latest McMullen pub to open in London, arguably has one of the best locations. Situated on Whitehall with views to Trafalgar Square, and a back garden entrance with views down The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

Working with Concorde BGW, we designed a collection of artworks that enhanced the original panelling and unique features of the building, whilst paying homage to the history of the location and the namesake.

Taking centre stage in the main bar is possibly one of the largest artworks we have ever produced, with an elaborate gilt frame, it measures nearly 6 metres wide and over 2.5 metres high. The final assembly had to be completed in situ, with the reproduction print produced on specialist wallpaper to faithfully represent the original oil painting.

There are many historical treasures and prints to discover, including the original architectural blueprints of the building. The McMullen family themselves have links to the Queens’ Guardsman, and portraits of the family members who served in both the First and Second World Wars are honoured among the collection.